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Sustainability Education

What is sport sustainability? 

What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable? 

Is the impact of an indoor, summer sport comparable to an outdoor winter sport? 

How can I ensure my sport continues to grow while also being environmentally sustainable? 

At Racing to Zero we want to ensure sport administrators are well versed in the effects of sporting activities on the natural environment and the natural environment on those activities. We want to ensure all sport stakeholders - boards, management teams, athletes, volunteers and fans understand their unique impacts and the roles they can play in ensuring our #ClimateComeback. 

We offer webinars and workshops to inform, engage and inspire our community. After the Racing to Zero session your sport’s stakeholders will walk away with an understanding of sustainability, the key pillars to a sustainability program, the sport organizations leading the way in Canada, and tangible actions you can take immediately to have an impact.

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Sustainability Audits

What is the first step to achieving a personal best? Knowing where you currently stand!

Is your sport club or organization looking to make tangible and measurable advances in understanding your carbon footprint or overall sustainability? Would you like to be able to report to your members the impact your events are having on greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water consumption? Or maybe you want to understand the exposure you may have to future climate regulations, pollution taxes, or reporting requirements? 

A Racing to Zero Sustainability Audit is the coach by your side to calculate your event or organizational baseline.

Calculate your Scope 1, 2 and estimated Scope 3 emissions. 

* The assessment combines and weighs the impact of your waste production, communication & procurement strategy, energy consumption, and water consumption using our proprietary weighting. Our process integrates with your existing event management or organizational processes to produce a baseline that can easily be re-assessed for changes going forward.

Carbon Improvement Projects

You have the will, the excitement and clear objectives. The only thing missing is the team that can get you the baton in a position to bring it home for the win! At Racing to Zero we understand the operating environment in which many sport organizations work under. Our aim is to design and facilitate the programs while minimizing the capacity or resource investment on your part.

A Racing to Zero carbon improvement project involves the scoping, planning and execution of your carbon improvement initiatives. We offer access to the global sport and sustainability network, best practices and partners (Olympians, researchers, corporations and advocacy groups) who are equally driven to protect local sport communities and their natural environment.

Example projects - designing and implementing: