• Seyi Smith

Welcome to the Racing to Zero BLOG!

Updated: Jun 7

Why are we doing this?

For anyone who knows me personally, I like to keep things low key, on the "down low", close to the chest... you get the idea. For Racing to Zero - YYC, this approach unfortunately keeps everyone in the dark on all the good work that Oliver, Martha and myself are doing!

All the equipment we've purchased for the Foothills Athletic Park, all the articles, books and research we're doing to hone in on the most efficient way to run sustainable community events; all the meetings we've had with sustainability experts, aficionados and novices that have helped us grow are known only to the three of us.

To rectify this mistake we've decided to bring everyone on this journey with us. A bi-weekly blog will be perfect to keep you folks informed on what we're up to and also an opportunity for us to unpack in detail some of the sustainability strategies we're implementing in Calgary and beyond.

We may also throw in any news worthy updates as well. Interviews or events we've attended, good work being done by sustainability colleagues, or maybe just a reading recommendation for a lazy Sunday.

We're all looking forward to sharing our progress with interested readers.

The Mobile Fountain Heads to Calgary

You would have seen on the main website that the first dollar we spent was on getting a permanent fountain installed at the Foothills Athletic Park. As obvious as it may seem to readers there actually was no easy way to fill up your water bottle when training or racing at the track. The sinks in the toilets didn't give you enough room to get a water bottle under the tap and unless you were to go hunting for a water hose left out by the City of Calgary staff... you were out of luck! Buying water from the food trucks was the only other non-sustainable solution, but they only showed up for the big meets!

The permanent fountain has been up and running for sometime now and is getting good use. You can find it by the garage door entrance to the maintenance shed on the back straight. We were pleased.... but not satisfied.

I know that when I trained and competed I was pretty lazy. If I put my bags and gear down at the 100m start I wasn't going to walk the 200m to refill my bottle! Enter the mobile fountain. We looked around for some good options in Canada but unfortunately they were either too expensive or just not readily available. Oliver's research took him to Australia and a company called Meet PAT.

They provide portable fountains, equipped with filters and designed with the end of life recycling in mind. Exactly what we we were looking for. After undergoing a few test runs in Ottawa the fountain's been packed up and is on the way to Calgary where the good folks at the Calgary Track Council will put it to good use, and hopefully limit the distance us poor sprinters have to walk to get our refills.

That's all for now. More updates to come on the next post!