About Us

Our Vision

A grassroots sport community equipped with the tools and knowledge to tackle climate change.

Our Mission

To foster pragmatic, measurable, and inspirational environmental sustainability changes for Canada's sport organizations.

Our Story

Racing to Zero was born from the realization of the amount of waste produced at various sporting events and how little is currently being done about the sustainability of events all the way up from the grassroots level.

With the need for a societal shift towards more sustainable practices growing, our purpose is to make sports events more environmentally friendly with respect to plastic waste, transportation and other aspects of sustainability.

The hope is that we will not only help reduce waste and improve the overall sustainability of sporting events, but will also educate people on the larger issues and provide a framework to be emulated and scaled to different sizes, sports and geographies.

To find out more about Racing to Zero watch this short video with our founder, Seyi!

Our Values

As Olympians, we strive for excellence in everything we do. These three values are taken from how we approached our athletic careers and help guide us to creating the most value and success for our clients.

Attention to Detail

From our audits, to our research, to our recommendations; we give attention to the smallest things because we know, just like in sport, everything counts.

Excellence Through Improvement

In our team we want to be the best. We continuously reflect on what we we do and how we do it; to learn and improve upon our results.

Passion For What We Do

We care deeply about what we do because it affects our sport and our community. We give 100% on everything!